Advocacy Group

Members of Advocacy Group:

  • Petra Nieuwlaat chair of the group, from Clubhouse Waterheuvel Amsterdam.
  • Kinga Jedrzejczack from Fountainhouse New York
  • Anita Brix Lambæk from Clubhouse International
  • Pauli Löija from Helsinki Clubhouse
  • Esko Hänninen from Finland
  • Sami Ylitalo from ESKOT ry Finland
  • Francesco Baglioni from Club Itaca Milano

The main goal of the advocacy group is to make Clubhouses visible in Europe, adopting the WHO definition of Europe which includes 53 countries in the northern, eastern and southern parts of this continent. All the work is done according to the will of the Board of Clubhouse Europe, involving Board members and the activities are regularly reported to the Chair.

The mission is to give every person in Europe suffering from mental illness the possibility to join an accredited Clubhouse community. The first priority was and still is to make Clubhouse (Clubhouse Model and Clubhouses) well known to European people, policymakers, stakeholders, European bodies and organizations in the field of mental health.

The objective is also to promoting the clubhouse model, as a complement to medical health services, and seeing the clubhouse model in a broader context, as a part of the mental health system, and brand themselves as a holistic approach in this field, promoting social inclusion and integration into a labor market.

Opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned during the advocacy work are communicated to the Board members of Clubhouse Europe. The group is solely accountable to the Board of Clubhouse Europe.