2024 Clubhouse Europe Special Edition Newsletter

Dear Esteemed European Clubhouse Community Members and Supporters

Exciting Developments and Future Plans – Accompanying our 40-Page Special Edition Newsletter

As we reflect on the noteworthy events of 2023 and the upcoming events during 2024 and 2025, it brings us immense pleasure to share our journey with you through this comprehensive 40-page Special Edition newsletter. In March 2023, we welcomed a new Board, and since then, our monthly meetings have been dedicated to establishing a robust foundation for a thriving and supportive organization. Our aim is to extend meaningful assistance to all Clubhouses across Europe, existing and potential, in all 53 countries as listed by the World Health Organisation.

We currently have around 90 Clubhouses in 20 European countries, which continue to offer the unique Clubhouse support that we’re all so familiar with. Your voices, expressed through a recent survey, have provided invaluable feedback. While we diligently process these ideas, we ask for your patience as there is much to be accomplished.

We acknowledge the length of this newsletter and assure you that future editions will be more concise. Compiled over the course of the year, we believe it offers enlightening, informative, useful, and resourceful content.

As a special bonus, we have waived the membership fees for 2023 and are initiating a fresh start from 2024.

We encourage you to complete the Membership Registration Form for 2024; your continued support, even though they are nominal fees, is vital for our progress.

We are very excited to announce plans for the European Clubhouse Conference in 2025. Further details will be confirmed soon.

Together, let’s build a stronger and more supportive European Clubhouse Community. We appreciate your engagement and look forward to the opportunities the coming year holds.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy reading the newsletter.

Thank you,

Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE GMD MPsS

Chairperson of Clubhouse Europe