Letter of Gratitude, and Tips & Strategies: Issue 14, July 27, 2020


Dear Clubhouse Directors and Colleagues,

All of us at Clubhouse International want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your fortitude, perseverance and leadership during this challenging period.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across the globe, Clubhouses quickly mobilized and began a swift transition from building-based services to virtual and mobile services. During that time we had conversations and meetings with more than 300 member Clubhouses to learn how Clubhouses were responding to the crisis. It has been clear to us that you are passionately committed to ensuring that members know that they are not alone in this crisis, and that their Clubhouses are there to support them through this difficult time. The Clubhouse community’s communal sense of unity and hope has helped all of us cope with this difficult pandemic.

During this time we have also partnered with Fountain House to bring you the WANA webinar series, to share best practices and helpful strategies. We appreciate the willingness of many of your Clubhouses to share what is working and what has been most helpful. Thank you to everyone that has been willing to share how your Clubhouse is remaining strong and active during this difficult period. Together we have all learned some new and innovative ways to expand the work of Clubhouses.

As some Clubhouses are beginning to reopen their buildings and others are still in the planning stage, we have seen a seamless continuation of Clubhouse work. The stories we have heard from Clubhouse members about how their Clubhouse communities have reached out and found ways to lift them up are truly inspirational.

This has been a long and challenging journey, and it may continue for some time. But it has become quite clear to all of us that we are in it together.

Today we just wanted to express our appreciation for you, and acknowledge the long hours, the new initiatives, and all of the effective work you have been doing. Your unwavering commitment to the members of your Clubhouse communities is the very essence of the Clubhouse International network and our social movement. We are certain that because of your persistence and dedication, we will come through this even stronger.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Your friends and colleagues at Clubhouse International

The WANA Webinar Series Presents:

Social Justice: How Your Clubhouse Can Make a Difference

Presented by

Fountain House and the

New York City Clubhouse Coalition

Wednesday August 5, 2020

10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Click here to join.

For any questions, please contact us at: WANAwebinar@fountainhouse.org We look forward to seeing you!

Our last WANA Webinar (Challenging Job Market? Time for renewed focus on Clubhouse Educational Supports!) included extremely helpful information and strategies for strengthening your Clubhouse Education function.

Click here for the Webinar video recording.

Click on each of the links below for the PowerPoint presentations:

Inter-Clubhouse Pen Pal Program

In a world of physical distancing, Clubhouse colleagues are staying connected through many virtual mediums. Snail mail is a special way to bring our Clubhouse communities together, and share our mutual experiences throughout this pandemic.

Our Inter-Clubhouse Pen Pal Program began in the United States with the over 40 Clubhouses in Michigan. Once the program started getting momentum, it was expanded to Clubhouses around North America. We have gone international now with France, London, Norway, Poland, and Sweden involved.

Now, the program has 200 members from around the world participating!
Please help spread the word to colleagues so they can join in on this wonderful opportunity.

To sign up, you can click here to fill out our simple questionnaire, or email a colleague’s information (first and last name, mailing address, Clubhouse name, contact info*), or any questions to: Abbey Podbielski at: apodbielski@alpenaclub.org.

*All colleague information is kept confidential, only paired pen pals will receive each other’s information.


Request for Webinar topics

We are in the process of planning the topics for our next round of WANA Webinars. We would love to hear from you if you have ideas regarding timely and relevant topics for upcoming webinars. If you want to share an idea with us, please send an email to: wanawebinar@fountainhouse.org

Accreditation Extensions

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Clubhouse International recognizes the need to make adjustments in our Accreditation program. While maintaining our focus on ensuring the high quality of Accredited Clubhouses, we also recognize the need to optimally protect the safety of our member Clubhouses and our Accreditation Faculty.

We understand that most Clubhouses around the world are currently experiencing a high degree of uncertainty, and are in the process of reorganizing core structures and routines in order to ensure the safety of your communities. Consequently, we have decided to award an additional year of Accredited status to all currently Accredited Clubhouses that received their Accreditation reports prior to June 10, 2020. We are hopeful that this extra time will allow Clubhouses to fully focus on the immediate task of developing effective strategies to meet the needs of your membership during this unusual time.

We will be in contact with individual Clubhouses to schedule your next visit. If you have questions, please contact us!