Become a member of Clubhouse Europe

There are 4 membership options

  • Full member (€ 100 per year)
  • Associate member (€ 100 per year)
  • Individual member (€ 25 per year)
  • Honorary member (free)

Full membership are Clubhouses which are registered in the Directory of Clubhouse International (Accredited Clubhouses), and they have voting rights in the general meetings.

Associated membership are organizations which support the work of Clubhouse Europe, like Clubhouse coalitions and not accredited Clubhouses. Associated members can participate in all activities of the Clubhouse Europe, but they do not have voting rights in the biannual general meetings.

Individual membership is for everyone who wants to support Clubhouse Europe’s important work. They can join on all levels of the association, but they do not have voting rights in the general meetings.

Honorary membership is members who give special prestige to Clubhouse Europe.

The yearly fee is really not much for the membership of an international organization. Although we desperately need the money, of much more importance, is the membership itself. The more clubhouses that become members, the more authority Clubhouse Europe has, when we speak about the necessity of starting Clubhouses and embracing the Clubhouse model as a means to better the lives of people suffering from mental illness.

If you are serious in your desire to open up Clubhouses in all countries of the European Region, you have to become a member of Clubhouse Europe. As simple as that. Only paying members count.

Your assistance in helping to encourage other Clubhouses to join us is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can easily become a member, just select your desired membership below, and fill out the membership formula.