Our Mission

To promote the continuous development and dissemination of the Clubhouse Model in Europe, as defined by Clubhouse International’s Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

Our Vision

To increase the opportunities for current and former users of mental health services in European countries to recover their mental health by providing the empowering and supporting communities found at Clubhouses.

The Goals of Clubhouse Europe are to:

  • Make Clubhouse visible.
  • Improve the social inclusion, education and labor market integration and participation of people with mental illness in Europe
  • Increase opportunities of mental health service users and ex-users in European countries to participate in empowering and supporting Clubhouse communities
  • Strengthen and extend Clubhouse International’s network and operations with European Clubhouses and other stakeholders of Clubhouse development in Europe
  • Promote and coordinate the European research of the Accredited Clubhouse Model and collect the results of the research for international dissemination.

Clubhouse Europe does this by:

  • Ensuring that Clubhouse members are at the heart of all activity
  • Supporting and sustaining existing Accredited Clubhouses
  • Facilitating and supporting the individual Clubhouses and coalitions in Europe to meet and help each other
  • Raising awareness of the Accredited Clubhouse model among people with mental illness across Europe
  • Increasing the number of Clubhouses accredited by Clubhouse International throughout Europe
  • Promoting and coordinating the European research of the Accredited Clubhouse model
  • Influencing governments and the EU to support and promote the Accredited Clubhouse model
  • Creating partnerships and participating in relevant mental health networks within Europe
  • Fundraising, especially on a European scale
  • Accessing training for key Clubhouse Europe leaders in “marketing and advocacy”
  • Developing and maintaining a website and a marketing and communications effort
  • Being the main partner for Clubhouse International as it concerns Clubhouse activities in Europe
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