Clubhouse Europe held their General Assembly on 23rd March 2023 where as well as presenting their accounts and several presentations on their work over the past year they also elected their new Board for a 2 year tenure

Emily Adamberry Olivero, Founder of Clubhouse Gibraltar and a Board member of Clubhouse Europe since 2014 was elected as Chair. Eight other candidates were elected in the Board making a total of 9. They are:-

Joel Corcoran – CEO, Clubhouse International

Nina Bach – Clubhouse Rygge, Norway

Cindy Hamersma – Clubhouse De Waterheuval, Amsterdam & Clubhouse International Faculty

Jonah Bogle – Klubbhuset Peleran & Clubhouse International Faculty

Petra Niewhlaat – Treasurer, Clubhouse De Waterheuval, Amsterdam

Serge Blasberg – Jerusalem Clubhouse, Israel, Clubhouse Int: Faculty, Advisory Council, and Standards Review Committee

Sami Yilitalo – Finnish Clubhouse Coalition

Stuart Campbell – Flourish House, Scotland

Emily is very happy and proud of her new team and is looking forward to a new era in the history of Clubhouse Europe and hopes to increase the communication network not only with Clubhouses throughout Europe but also with potential start up groups and all stakeholders interested in benefitting from the unique and cost effective Clubhouse model. Clubhouses provide a work-based programme which provides hope and opportunities for people with a history of mental illness to reach their full potential. The Clubhouse model is built on the philosophy that people can recover from serious mental illness to achieve personally satisfying lives. There are currently 340 accredited Clubhouses all over the world, 74 of which are in Europe. Emily hopes to help increase the number of Clubhouses in Europe especially in Countries that do not currently have Clubhouses. The European area covered is that of the World Health Organization Europe 53 so there is plenty of scope for improvement and expansion.


To increase the opportunities for current and former users of mental health services in European countries to recover their mental health by providing the empowering and supporting communities found at Clubhouses.

For further information: email: clubhouse #clubhouseworks