Excitingly March Newsletter

31st March 2022:
Extraordinary General Assembly

Dear Friends, Colleagues and members of Clubhouse Europe AssociationPlease do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in this important event. The Extraordinary General Assembly will be held live on Thursday 31st March 2022 from 14.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs (CET). Your presence is needed. Please help spread the word and encourage others. Registration is free! Sign up now by clicking on the link below!

Meet a Board Member

Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE is the Executive (and Founding) Director of Clubhouse Gibraltar and has been a member of the Board of Clubhouse Europe since 2014.

Spotlight on a networking good pratice

De Waterheuval will be hosting the 6th Leadership Seminar for European Clubhouse Leaders in collaboration with Fountain House, New York.

Why be associated with Clubhouse Europe?

Being associated with Clubhouse Europe means that you would have access to several European Associations that could be useful in projects, exchanges and funding. Additonally you would be valued in the European Directory on our website and much more…

The war in Ukrain and a new emergency for Mental Health

A war, in addition to erasing lives and devastating places and economies, leaves enormous invisible wounds in the minds of those who have lived it.

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