How to start

Initially when you decide to start a Clubhouse it is a good idea to form a “Start-Up Group”.
This Start-Up Group consists of talented, energetic individuals who are both committed to and uniquely positioned to helping a Clubhouse get started. Typically a Start-Up group consists of people who represent mental health consumers, family members, mental health professionals, local politicians, community leaders, business people and individuals who can be helpful accessing funding for the Clubhouse.

The Start-Up Group is charged with initiating Clubhouse activity and providing community education, support for the new Clubhouse, funding for the Clubhouse and hiring the Director, working with her/him to locate a building for the Clubhouse and beginning to identify community employers for involvement in the Transitional Employment Program.

We advise you to get in contact with and visit an existing Clubhouse in your country, look up in the International Directory at Clubhouse International where the next Clubhouse is located.

Visit our Library for further materials about starting a Clubhouse.