Tips & Strategies: Issue #6



Please join us for the next Webinar in our series


Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 10:00am (EDT)
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Presented by Genesis Club, Worcester, Massachusetts, this Webinar will provide practical suggestions for creating a strong work day during this time of physical distancing, including: 

  • Daily schedules
  • Unit meetings and agendas
  • Work-mediated relationships
  • Types of work
  • How do we work “side by side” when we’re not in the same building? 

Click here for the recording of our 2nd Webinar, presented by Clubhouse International, entitled HOW CAN MEMBERS CONTINUE TO MAKE A MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION TO OUR CLUBHOUSES DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS?

Click here for the recording of our 1st Webinar, presented by Fountain House/New York, entitled STAYING SOCIALLY CONNECTED WHILE PHYSICALLY DISTANT 

Who is Your Clubhouse Hero?

Do you have a colleague who’s gone above and beyond for your Clubhouse Community during this pandemic?? We’re collecting suggestions for a Clubhouse Heroes: Stories of Gratitude series for next month when we will celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Send us a brief profile about someone in the Clubhouse community who you’re grateful for and why they have been a coronavirus Clubhouse Hero! It could be staff, a member, a board member (but we’d love a few more member stories!) who is in some way connected to and impacts your Clubhouse. Please limit your submission to 200 words or less. If your submission is selected, we’ll ask for a photo. Send your submission to Teri Chadwick at

Finding the Silver Lining: Raise Your Clubhouse’s Visibility in Your Community

Clubhouses around the world are doing extraordinary work, in the midst of this difficult time, to keep their Clubhouse communities connected, safe, supported, and full of hope.

Some Clubhouses have shared these inspiring stories with their local media. This is frequently resulting in the surrounding community taking a renewed interest in the unique and deeply human work that Clubhouses do every day, which we hope will help to strengthen support for Clubhouses now – and into the future.

  • Click here for a moving op-ed letter that Andy Wilson, Director of The Carriage House, Indiana, sent to their local newspaper. Andy says that he would be delighted if anyone else in the larger Clubhouse wants to use some of the language in this letter for a similar letter to your own local newspaper.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic Mosaic Clubhouse (London) is not currently providing its usual building-based Clubhouse opportunities. But as there are many homeless people in their neighborhood, the Clubhouse has opened its doors so that a local charity can use their kitchen to prepare meals to serve them. 

The Clubhouse tweeted:From today @streetskitchen is using our kitchen at Mosaic to cook food for delivery to homeless people being temporarily housed by Lambeth Council! We are incredibly happy that our building and our well loved kitchen, can be of use during this time!

@lambeth_council #community

  • Mark Stoeltje (San Antonio Clubhouse, Texas, USA) sent this heartfelt article to the local San Antonio newspaper, about the meaning of true community: Click here to read.
  • Alliance House (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) was featured on their local TV news, highlighting the critical work the Clubhouse is doing to ensure that people have safe and decent housing, especially in this time of crisis. Watch now!

Strengthening Inter-Clubhouse Connections Through ‘Discord’ Platform

Stine Gjerdalen, a member from Fontenehuset Gjørvik, Norway, has worked hard to create a welcoming, accessible social media ‘gathering place’ for Clubhouse members and staff from anywhere in the world.

Stine describes it as follows: “Discord is a social platform originally made for gamers, but it is being used by others as well. The Clubhouse in Gjøvik, Norway, started a Discord group for all members and staff in the Clubhouses in Norway, but has since opened it for all Clubhouses in the world.

In this group you can talk with other members and staff in both writing, or on a voice channel. You can talk about your Clubhouse – or just about anything. The most important thing is that everyone has someone to socialize with during the Covid-19 crisis, and in your free time when the Clubhouses open again.

It is so great getting to know people across the Clubhouses and different countries! If you want to join, use this linkwhich will bring you to the Discord website, and you can follow the instructions on how you make a Discord account.

We hope to see you there!”



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