Bringing Community Together

Celebrating ‘Community’ and ‘Mental Health’

This year Mental Health Awareness Month has taken on perhaps even greater importance as individuals and communities reel from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Community is now more important than ever and we’re pleased to share that the global Clubhouse community has found new and innovative ways to stay connected, support one another and thrive!

Clubhouse Heroes: Stories of Gratitude

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month we are excited to share Clubhouse Heroes: Stories of Gratitude. Our heroes are Clubhouse members, staff and volunteers who embody the Clubhouse spirit of community, generosity, creativity, productivity and care.

Meet Timo

Meals are even more important during this pandemic, when members cannot come together. Delivering food to members in need has now become part of the Clubhouse day for many Clubhouses, including Haabersti Klubimaja in Tallinn, Estonia. That’s where Timo Teeäär has found a way of supporting his fellow members during this COVID-19 crisis.

Timo can often be found serving as barbecue master during grilling parties, or cooking for birthday parties. You will frequently hear him sing as he cooks. Timo has been a member since 2001, and is very active in all the units, but his talents really shine in the kitchen.

“In this particular time, I have been helping our Clubhouse staff to deliver food and organize our food bank…I wish to do different tasks and to morally support everyone, who is in need of that [encouragement].”


Clubhouse International: Providing Direction, Support and Encouragement to Clubhouses

We continue to support the global Clubhouse community to stay connected as it operates virtually, and through the gradual re-opening of some Clubhouses by:

  • Providing updated Tips and Strategies each week
  • Continuing to meet with Clubhouses and Coalitions on a regular basis
  • Navigating funding issues and sharing resources
  • Conducting and disseminating research on the Clubhouse community’s effectiveness in meeting the challenges of COVID-19
  • Joint-hosting the weekly WANA Webinar Series with Fountain House and Clubhouse Europe

Many Clubhouses have now maintained remote/virtual Work-ordered Days for many weeks or months, providing members with continued support and opportunities. Click here for the Independence Center, MO, USA daily virtual Clubhouse schedule

As restrictions are being lifted in some regions of the world, we are now entering the next phase of supporting our Clubhouses as they prepare to re-open.

Phoenix Clubhouse, Hong Kong SAR, PRC did not have to entirely close their building during the pandemic. As such, they have a great deal of experience of how to work in the Clubhouse while maintaining a safe, hygienic space and appropriate physical distancing. Click here for a helpful presentation that has been shared with the Clubhouse community.

Clubhouses are Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month!

Putnam Clubhouse, CA, USA is hosting Sweep Away Barriers on May 28, 1-3PM PT via Zoom!

Originally scheduled as their 5th Annual Sweet Away Stigma event, this virtual campaign came about in response to the current shelter-in-place order. The event is a special opportunity to come together and honor all of the work of the Clubhouse’s community partners and raise awareness about mental illness. All are welcome to attend!

Highlights will include a music video by Stephen Boyd performing an original rap – ‘You Count’ (created for Census 2020), surprise guest speakers and raffle prizes! Click here to watch the Sweep Away Barriers video & click here for event info.

Shore House, NJ, USA is holding the first statewide virtual “NJ Race for Recovery” fundraising campaign to promote mental wellness. Click here for more info.

Run, walk, bike, swim, dance, skip…and more! Anytime! Anywhere! At your own pace! The Virtual Race is open to everyone! 

Let’s go the extra step to provide recovery support for those living with a mental illness. Together, we can ensure that every adult living with a mental illness has hope, independence, and self worth. 

Clubhouse Gibraltar is celebrating the many thousands acts of kindness that are so central to the

quality of our mental health. They are collecting photos of individuals and groups wearing yellow, with a message on the theme of ‘Kindness’; hosting informational webinars about community mental health resources; sharing member testimonials; and on Friday, May 22nd, the community is wearing yellow in recognition of the need to re-discover our connection to kindness and each other in our daily lives. Learn more here.

Stepping Stone Clubhouse, Brisbane, Australia is partnering with the Mental Health Foundation to host Australia’s largest Mental Health Walk that is attended by people all over Brisbane. There will be an exhibition stand where people can learn about Clubhouse opportunities. The Clubhouse also has an exhibition table at the Brisbane Mental Health Expo, organized by the Brisbane City Council. Clubhouse members and staff help to cater the expo!

Canefields Clubhouse, Meadowbrook, Australia is hosting its own Mental Health Walk attended by people in the area of the Clubhouse.

Thank you to Jesse McCrum, member of Austin Clubhouse, TX, USA for sharing his artwork expressing the meaning of a Clubhouse community in this time of physical isolation from one another.

On behalf of the Clubhouse International team, thank you for your continued support. Be well!